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The ELBIRS men’s adult toy shop offers some excitement in a moment of relaxation! There are toys to stimulate various body parts for you to choose from. Toy types include prostate massagers, penis rings, male masturbators, butt plugs, pocket pussies and vibrating penis rings.

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Indulge in a satisfying solo session or take erotic foreplay with your partner to the next level with our men’s sex toys. Elbirs takes a man’s pleasure to the next level with pocket vaginas, penis rings, anal beads, and other stimulating products.


It’s no secret that married men and single geeks alike are very fond of using adult sex toys. The global market for male sex toys is estimated to be worth over $27 billion in 2022! ELBIRS adult shops have a 6.5% market share. So, what are the most popular types of male sex toys?

1. Prostate massagers. The prostate massager is designed to stimulate the male prostate. It stimulates our prostate gland and brings it to orgasm.

2. Penis rings. Interested in a temporary increase in length and girth? The penis ring fits snugly around the base of your penis for a larger penis and longer lasting erections. Once this tool is used in the field of sexual health medicine, regular use of penis rings can delay ejaculation, improve our sex lives and help you last longer during sex. It’s a bit too wild. If you don’t want to wear a ring during sex, then a penis pump is another option.

3. Anal play. We have anal plugs, anal dildos, prostate massagers, beads and more. An anal bead is a sex toy that can be inserted into the anus. It is similar to a prostate massager. It is used to stimulate the prostate to stimulate us to an intense orgasm.

4. male masturbators. elbirs Popular types of male masturbators are the Pocket Pussy, the Reality Masturbator and the Fleshlight Masturbator. Male masturbators are designed to look and feel like real women, with a realistic vagina, anus or breasts, and some even vibrate. The aim is to simulate the experience of sex. A soft love tunnel is designed to stimulate your penis with little bumps and bumps until you’re done.

Keeping sex toys clean is important for our health and pleasure. However the best way to clean them is not easy. the Elbirs staff have produced a list of cleaning instructions that can be mastered to keep adult toys looking their best for as long as possible.

1. Make sure your sex toy is made from materials that are safe for your body. This means it won’t harbour bacteria or spread infection. If you are not sure what material your sex toy is made of, please email ELBIRS and send us the product name or SKU. we will reply to your message within 24 hours.

2. Choose the cleaning method that suits you. If your sex toy is non-porous, meaning it will not absorb liquids, you can clean it with soap and water. Simply wash with a mild soap, rinse well and pat dry with a clean towel. If your sex toy is made of a porous material, such as jelly or medical silicone, you will need to take some extra steps to clean it. First, wash it with mild soap and water. Then, disinfect it by spraying it with Elbirs sex toy cleaner or wiping it with a disinfectant wipe. Finally, rinse it off and pat it dry with a clean towel.

3. Once your sex toy is clean, it is important to store it in a cool, dry environment. This means keeping it away from germs. Such as a drawer or closet.

4. Finally, it’s a good idea to regularly check your male adult toy for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any cracks, holes or other damage, it’s time to retire your sex toy and replace it with a new one at the ELBIRS shop.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your man’s sex toy clean and safe for years to come.

When it comes to choosing the right sex toy for you or your partner, there are a few things you need to consider.

– Size. This is probably the most important factor for many men. You want to make sure that the toy you choose is the right size for you or your partner. Too small and it won’t be satisfying; too big and it may be uncomfortable. elbirs offers a wide range of sex toys in sizes such as 2 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches and 10 inches.

– Material. The material of the sex toy is also an important factor to consider. Medically certified materials are safer for your body than others, so you want to make sure you choose materials that won’t cause any irritation. Waterproof materials allow for better clean up.

– Function. Do you want it to vibrate, pulsate, spin, or do something else entirely? Make sure the toy you choose has the features that are important to you.

– Price. Of course, you’ll also want to consider your budget when choosing a sex toy. Fortunately, there are options at every price point, so you can find something that fits both your needs and your budget. elbirs male sex toys are available in a price range of $15 to $50. It’s the best price on the market.

One way to use them is to focus on your partner’s pleasure. This can be achieved by using a vibrating toy on their genitals during sex, or by using the toy to stimulate their anus. Both of these activities can lead to increased pleasure for your partner and can help spice up your sex life.

Another way to use male sex toys is to focus on your own pleasure. This can be achieved by using a masturbator or by stimulating your prostate with a toy. Both of these activities can lead to intense orgasms and can help you explore your sex life in new and exciting ways.

However you choose to use them, male sex toys can be a great way to add excitement and variety to your sex life. So don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you and your partner.

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A Brand Story About The ELBIRS Men's Sex Toys

Founded in 2012, ELBIRS is based in Los Angeles, California and has shops in major metropolitan areas across the United States. They also have an online shop at where customers can purchase products from the comfort of their own home. Their mission is to revolutionise the male sex toy industry. Their unique perspective and innovative approach to design and engineering has allowed them to create a new line of products that are both stylish and functional. Focusing on high-end sex toys for men, they offer a range of products to suit all budgets and preferences. From vibrating cock rings to prostate massagers. All their products are designed with safety and comfort in mind and are made with the highest quality materials for the ultimate pleasure experience.

Their products are competitively priced at as little as $9.90 for a great male adult product and they offer a range of options to suit all budgets.ELBIRS also offer discounts and promotions throughout the year to make it easier for customers to find the best product for them. Newcomers enjoy a discount of up to 75 per cent.

ELBIRS products are designed with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. They are manufactured using the latest technology and engineering principles.ELBIRS takes pride in offering products with superior design, performance and reliability.

In addition to their products, ELBIRS offers an outstanding in-store experience. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to help customers find the best product for them. They also provide helpful advice on how to use and maintain their products, making it easy for customers to get the most out of their purchases. Reviews of ELBIRS products are overwhelmingly positive. Customers love their products and are always impressed with their excellent customer service.ELBIRS is fast becoming a favourite among male sex toy lovers and is becoming a household name.