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For your new male masturbator, the proper fit and thrilling sensation are of the utmost importance, and we provide every conceivable option, including automatic masturbators, pocket pussies, realistic masturbators, celebrity molds, and other male sex toys. Elbirs’ selection of masturbators and accessories is unparalleled. Only at Elbirs adult store is guaranteed swift and discreet shipping the norm for safe online buying.

About Male Masturbators & Strokers

In terms of masturbation, many guys believe that using their right hand is sufficient. But why settle for anything more when a male sex toy offers more? You will find a new age when you insert your cock into a male masturbator, fleshlight, pocket pussy, or automatic masturbator and use the nerve cells of your cock to feel the curves of the object inside.

Masturbation is a physically and emotionally satisfying action that men frequently engage in to explore their bodies, boost sexual pleasure, and even better their performance in bed. Many of ELBIRS’ best-selling masturbators are moulded replicas of the vaginas of adult film stars such as Jessie Andrews and Katie Morgan, which are identical in appearance and texture. Real vaginas, mouths, and anuses heighten the excitement of a slammer. From sleeves with delicate lips to ass masturbators with tight holes or cheeks, the ELBIRS sex shop has a product for every guy. Our designers utilize realistic materials like ELBIRS-SKIN, a medical silicone skin substance. Vibrating masturbators enhance the pleasure of alone sessions. Use the ELBIRS masturbator to have a nice time while watching your favorite pornographic film.

Pocket Pussy

The ELBIRS Pocket Pussy Partners are small, portable male masturbators that replicate the pleasures of actual intercourse. The devices are typically constructed with realistic-appearing pussy materials and ergonomic designs that excite the penis with each stroke, simulating true penetration into a pornstar. These adult toys are great for men who fantasize about sex and are convenient for work travel, travel, and camping. Some varieties of the pocket pussy include suction cups that attach to the bed for additional support.

Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation sleeves are intended to increase both the wearer and his partner’s pleasure during sexual activity. These strokers fit snugly over the penis and offer additional circumference and length. They provide additional pleasure for the user and can even offer unique feelings to the wearer’s partner during sexual activity. Some masturbation sleeves are equipped with a vibrating feature to increase enjoyment.

Automatic Masturbator

The Automatic Masturbator is a sex device designed to replicate the sensation of a partner’s hand by mechanically moving the penis shaft up and down, producing a stimulating and pleasurable experience. This motion is totally customizable, allowing the user to define the desired speed, intensity, and direction. Numerous models offer a number of settings, allowing the user to experiment with various sensations and create the ideal experience for oneself. The ELBIRS Automatic Masturbator offers up to twenty-four speed settings. The various speed modes are great for individuals who wish to discover the world of masturbation without necessarily involving another person. Automatic masturbators avoid any potential issues with a human partner and offer a more sterile, yet still pleasurable experience. In addition, as technology advances, more and more features, such as heating elements, vibration settings, and even built-in lubricants, are being incorporated.

Humanoid Masturbators

Perhaps the most popular sort of male masturbator on the market is the fleshlight. The appearance of these contraptions as torches is intended to deceive spotters, while the authentic inside materials create a realistic sexual experience. Due to their bigger size, certain fleshlights have the ability to vibrate.

Elbirs Stroker

Elbirs strokers are a sort of male masturbator that is relatively new. Designed to simulate the sensation of genuine skin, these strokers are created from a medical silicone substance that is soft and malleable, yet powerful enough to provide a realistic sensation when clamped around the male penis.

Male masturbators and strokers are the perfect way to take your sexual experience to the next level, whether you’re looking for an adult toy to boost your solo performance or provide extra pleasure for your partner.

Heightened stimulation

Masturbators and stroking devices for men have textures, ribs, bumps, and other stimulating elements that simulate the sensation of a partner’s touch during sex. This additional stimulation can enhance the enjoyment of masturbation and help men reach new heights of pleasure.


Male masturbators and strokers are available in a variety of realistic shapes, ribbed and textured models, and sizes and textures to accommodate a variety of preferences and experiences.

Privacy and sensitivity

Male masturbators are ideal for solitary players seeking discretion. In contrast to other sex gadgets or even some forms of partner sex, masturbators may be readily concealed in your secret location and then transported to your bedroom for usage when necessary.

Decrease the likelihood of STI transfer

Male masturbators and strokers eliminate the possibility of STI transmission due to the absence of a partner, unlike other kinds of partner sex. This makes them excellent for anyone desiring an enhanced sexual experience without worrying about potential health dangers.

Factors such as size, material, shape and user reviews are key to our choice of male masturbators.


If you intend to use it for solo play, then you will want to purchase a size that will comfortably fit all of your anatomy. If you intend to use it with your partner then you will want to purchase a size that will comfortably accommodate both of your bodies. In addition, you will want to consider the size of the toy when it is flaccid and when it is erect. This will help you to ensure that the toy is not too big or too small when you are ready to use it.


ELBIRS manufactures male masturbators made from phthalate-free TPE, which is both safe and harmless to the body. Other options include silicone, ABS plastic and metal. Each material has its own advantages and the ELBIRS buying guide has the advantages and disadvantages of the different material curses.


A realistic looking male masturbator is a better choice. If you prefer a more abstract experience, then you may need to contact ELBIRS dedicated customer service to customise a uniquely designed toy for you.


It is also important to read user reviews. User reviews can tell you a lot about a product, such as how well it performs, how easy it is to use, and how enjoyable the experience is. Reading user reviews can help you make an informed decision and find the best male masturbator for you.

The male genitalia is an extraordinarily delicate and potent organ. It can be really pleasurable, but many men are unaware of how to maximize their pleasure. Fortunately, ELBIRS provides ideas, tactics, and procedures that any guy can employ to maximize penile enjoyment.

Find the part of your body that you wish to gratify, and then investigate strategies to maximize your arousal. Learn about the anatomy of the penis and which stimuli might heighten your pleasure. The penis consists of two primary components: the shaft and the glans. The glans, or tip, of the penis is the most sensitive and sexually stimulating area. It includes thousands of nerve endings and is especially sensitive to direct contact. The shaft is a penis extension and is less sensitive than the glans. Experimenting with various forms of stimulation can also assist maximize enjoyment. Numerous sorts of toys, lotions, and lubricants can be utilized to increase the enjoyment experience. Experiencing various sensations and textures on the penis can enhance arousal and make the experience more pleasurable. Setting the appropriate mood during sexual activity and using the ELBIRS male masturbator will help you maximize your pleasure.


A Brand Story About The ELBIRS Male Masturbation

ELBIRS is a firm committed to provide the finest male masturbation items and accessories to its consumers. The company was created in 2012, has branches in over thirty countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and Japan, and is a leading provider of male masturbators and related products. ELBIRS is proud to provide quality, innovation, and low pricing. The company offers an extensive selection of unique, curved, and textured design elements for male masturbator product features to fulfill the needs of the vast majority of male cocks. These goods are intended to improve the user experience and give couples with optimum enjoyment during sexual play. In addition to lubricants, massage oils, and stimulating ointments, the company offers a range of additional items. All of these items are intended to enhance the male masturbator’s enjoyment and contentment.

Management at ELBIRS thinks that the quality of their male masturbators is essential to gaining the user’s trust, and they employ only the highest quality materials and components in their products. Multiple levels of testing are conducted by medical testing agencies to verify that these items fulfill the highest safety and performance standards.

The ELBIRS sex online shop provides marketing solutions for male masturbation products in all areas of product presentation, including traditional media such as television, radio, and print, and digital media such as Facebook social media, Google search engines, and email campaigns. Additionally, the corporation has a global presence in retail stores. The in-store experience is intended to deliver a welcoming and cozy setting. Customers can interact with competent and courteous staff members who can guide them through the selection and purchasing process, and you can even ask them about different methods to play with adult products in bed, just like we do. We provide a customer support team that can respond to any inquiries clients may have.

Customers are raving about the company’s products and services, which have earned ELBIRS a stellar name in its field. Customers have appreciated the great quality of the products, their resistance to damage, and the care with which they are packaged for shipment. Customers also value the extensive product selection offered by ELBIRS and the exceptional customer service provided by the shop’s skilled customer service staff.

Overall, ELBIRS is a reliable firm that sells reasonably priced male masturbators and related items of superior quality. The business is proud to provide unique products and services.


Male Masturbators Reviews From Real Customers

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