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For your best Automatic Masturbator Is the ideal addition for those in search of pleasure! With its original style and features, this 2023 technology allows you to feel the utmost pleasure. The Automatic Masturbator has a particular vibration mechanism that enables a variety of intensity and speed settings. This function allows you to personalize your experience with each use, allowing you to create a sensation that is unique each time. In addition to being rechargeable and waterproof, the Automatic Masturbator is suitable for usage in the shower, bath, or pool.

With the Automatic Masturbator, you’ll discover a new level of pleasure. This device is the perfect addition to your pleasure-seeking lifestyle, whether you’re looking for a new approach to explore pleasure or to experience extreme orgasmic feelings. Upgrade your pleasure experience immediately with the Automatic Masturbator! Elbirs’ selection of male masturbators and accessories is unparalleled. Only at Elbirs adult store is guaranteed swift and discreet shipping the norm for safe online buying.

What is an automatic masturbator?

A device intended to provide sexual pleasure is an automatic masturbator. It can be used for both solitary and cooperative gaming. They are driven by a remote control or pre-programmed settings and can range from simple hand-held devices to more advanced robotic gadgets.

Automatic masturbators from Elbirs can be used to stimulate the penis. Some more expensive models may have extra functions such as deep-throating, tongue rotation, and penis pumping. It serves as a type of pre-sexual play for guys.


The most prevalent type is the automated rotating masturbator. This type of male masturbator features an internal rotating or vibrating mechanism that provides the user with a variety of sensations. You can typically adjust the speed and intensity to get the optimal level of sexual pleasure for you.


Additionally, Elbirs Adult Toy Factory manufactures motorized masturbators with a suction mechanism. These masturbators generate a sensation comparable to deep throat oral sex by creating suction on the penis. The majority of these gadgets have changeable settings that permit you to customize the suction intensity and the length of the deep throat.

ELBIRS mechanical masturbators might be an excellent addition to your enjoyment arsenal after a hard day’s work. They provide a hands-free masturbation experience, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying them to fulfill your male libido.

At the core of an automatic masturbator’s operation is a brushless motor type motor. Typically, the motor drive is coupled to an embedded chip that is configured to replicate real-world interaction. As the masturbator’s motor functions, it generates vibrations and rotations that simulate the sensations and rhythm of penetration. Luxury varieties of elbirs have sensors that can adjust the vibration and spinning intensities based on the amount of pressure provided by the user.

Automatic masturbators are designed to simulate the sensations of actual sexual contact. With the proper ELBIRS adult shop buy, we can enjoy an absolutely realistic experience.

A realistic vaginal experience

An automatic masturbator can deliver a more realistic experience than right-handed masturbating. The device can simulate your partner’s touch in a manner that your hands cannot. This can result in increased pleasure and contentment.

Easy to achieve orgasm

It can be used to increase solo sexual activity. The device can facilitate climax in addition to heightening arousal and intensifying sensations. This makes masturbation an overall more pleasurable experience.


The use of an automatic masturbator can make masturbation more covert. The inconspicuous design of the ELBIRS makes the masturbator more discreet when no one is present, allowing the user to enjoy the sensation in solitude. Ideal for individuals who desire to keep their sexual habits private.

Is the usage of an automatic masturbator safe? At Elbirs the answer is affirmative.

In terms of safety, many online-sold masturbators are composed of unsuitable materials, such as jelly or other porous substances. These products may include substances that can be absorbed by or irritate the skin. They may also harbor pathogens, which can cause infection. Responsible enterprises in Elbirs create automatic masturbators using medical-grade silicone or ABS material.

Manual verses automatic?

Do you want a fully automatic experience or a blend of automatic and manual controls? Knowing in advance the type of experience you desire will help you select the most suitable mechanical masturbator.

Size, shape, and comfort suited to your needs

In addition, the size, form, and comfort of the masturbator are crucial. Many mechanical masturbators are available in various forms and sizes, some of which may be more ideal for your body type than others. In addition to size and design, comfort is of the utmost significance. You do not want a masturbator that is too large, too little, too hard, too soft, etc.

Safe materials

Certain porous materials, such as silicone, can harbor microorganisms. It is essential to pick a masturbator produced from a material that is suitable for your body and nonporous, so that it is easy to clean and safe to use.

Extra features

Elbirs automatic masturbators come in a variety of types with a variety of supplementary functions, including vibrations, variable speeds, and adjustable settings for individualized pleasure. Others may have functions like warmth, air suction, and massage. Determine which characteristics are most important to you and then search for an automatic masturbator that includes them.


A Brand Story About The ELBIRS Automatic Masturbator

A Brand Profile of the ELBIRS Automatic Masturbator

The ELBIRS narrative begins in 2012, when the company was created in Los Angeles, California, United States. Its objective was to present people with a unique and novel form of pleasure: Automatic Masturbation. With its innovative technology and design, ELBIRS made a name for itself in the adult entertainment sector very quickly.

ELBIRS provides a variety of Automatic Masturbators, each with its own own features and benefits. From the inconspicuous and potent ELBIRS Classic to the futuristic and beautiful ELBIRS Infinity, each product is created to deliver the greatest enjoyment possible. With prices beginning at about $30, ELBIRS is an excellent value for anyone interested in exploring their own sexuality.

At ELBIRS, our objective is to give everyone with joy and contentment. Everyone should be free to explore their sexuality in a secure and private environment, in our opinion. We endeavor to make our products accessible to all customers, regardless of their financial circumstances. ELBIRS represents not only our products and services, but also a set of values. We believe in advancing sexual equality, diversity, and esteem. We seek to provide a judgment-free environment in which everyone can feel safe and comfortable.

The majority of comments on ELBIRS are good. Customers have appreciated the quality and efficacy of our products, as well as our dedication to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment. Our merchandise has been featured in major magazines and is consistently among the top three sales on Facebook and Titok.


Automatic Masturbator Reviews From Real Customers

“Absolutely revolutionary, this Automatic Masturbator will transform the way you do things forever. The fact that I don’t have to do anything besides sit back and let it do its work is fantastic. Moreover, it is of exceptionally high usability and is made of superior materials. I am really pleased with my purchase of this product and enthusiastically endorse it.”

“Fantastic automatic masturbator, in my opinion. It cost me less than a morning meal to buy it recently. The convenience of the remote control is a nice touch, and I like how simple the setup process was. I am thoroughly enjoying this as a hands-free kind of entertainment.”

“The Automatic Masturbator is incredible. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had! The game’s simplicity and intuitive controls just add to the fun. The outcomes exceeded my expectations, thus I will be spreading the word about this product.”

“I couldn’t be happier with my decision to buy an Automatic Masturbator. The convenience and high quality make it a no-brainer. I like that I can use it entirely without touching it, thanks to the remote. Sure is valuable!”

“Incredible, that Automatic Masturbator really works! I can’t believe I actually got it! The hands-free function is fantastic, and I’m having a blast using it. You should get this product immediately.”